Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Filler and Fluff from the Beach!

So, what the heck is it with me not being capable of updating even once a week? I really do think that this will get more regular as I get back to school. Sneak preview- I decided (right this second, no lie) to do a weekly Monday-night update. What's so special about monday nights, you ask?

Monday night is PRISM night!!

Have I explained/bragged about PRISM yet? My beloved GSA... We meet every monday night and I love going to meetings. Plus, they're awesome and super supportive. I'll need to do a whole post on them at some point. The upshot of all this is that I always come away from PRISM with something to think about and though I do usually work up the courage to share (I'm a tad shy. Okay, really shy. I address all my comments to the center of the floor) I often have more to say, or I develop my thoughts further as I have more time to think about them. What better way to get it all out than to blog a bit? Plus, that means more/more regular updates here. Win, Win, Win, as Michael Scott would say.

As the title of my post suggests, I'm at the beach this week with the whole extended family. This means lots of quality time with my very liberal relatives, which is cool because I'm not in the minority for this one week every summer. It also means quality time with the brother.

My brother's been doing this funky thing lately where he apparently is obsessed with people's sexualities. He makes loads of gay jokes and calls people gay when what he really means is "dorky" or "strange". (He's 17. Perhaps that just explains it?) He also likes to give me heart attacks, and I nearly had one when he slyly referenced this blog, which, as you will recall, he has read. Out of curiosity, Tom, are you still reading this?
What I don't get is people's obsession with various sexualities. If sombody's a different sexuality than you, who gives a flying flip? Really, what does it matter? People insist that it does, but I can't think how. And somehow it's so important to each and every one of us. It changes the way we view people, the way we talk to them, the way we look at them...
I'm trying subtlely to prepare the family for me being asexual. Like insisting to my cousins yesterday that no, there really is not any guarantee that I'll ever be somebody's mom. Honestly, no. Just because I'm female does not mean I will ever have children. Gotta break down those notions now, because it's better to learn to take people as individuals. Just becasue somebody can physically have kids, doesn't mean they will.
Cake to anyone who can figure out how many points I just made in this post. I'm really really tired and misspelling every second or third word. Off to bed!


  1. I don't think that being curious about other people's sexuality is bad. It depends on what your motivation is. I came across the notion of asexuality while trying to understand the non-standard sexuality of a friend.

    And unto those who assume you will use your womb plainly for having it, remember them that they owe an ass, so they should engage in anal sex.

  2. I hate that assumption. Lately I've been trying to make it very plain to my parents that they should not be expecting grandchildren from me. Of course, my brother then pops in and says the same thing, but he says so from his desire to remain a lifelong bachelor (he's 19). He's -clearly- not asexual!

    It's one thing to be curious about a friend's sexuality, I think. I spent a long time trying to figure out my friend Andy's sexuality (he's pan). I think that the variety of sexualities that exist are very interesting. But I've never understood the obsession with -celebrity- sexualities, people who are crushed when their favorite actor is gay, etc. It's like, hello, you weren't gonna get with them anyway! XD